It was such a pleasure to work with Zane over six months while building our first house. He was always available when needed, very organized, detail oriented, and you can tell he has a passion and great talent for building homes. For us this was crucial since this was our first time building and we had a lot of questions! Zane is very personable and was so easy to work with.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to build or renovate their next home. Hope we get a chance to work with him again!

— Meg Hawkins

As a first time home buyer I wasn’t prepared for the complexity of building a home.  It was an overwhelming experience and it’s in these moments when you realize the value of having someone on your team that truly makes the difference.

Zane Ellis is that difference maker. Zane was the superintendent of my home construction and I flooded him with questions during the build process. Zane was always prompt and professional in his response but beyond that he provided background and explanations to help me understand the process and when he had to tell me no to something he often had an alternate solution and compromise. That skill alone is worth its weight in gold.

Zane is approachable, friendly and someone you immediately feel comfortable with. His experience, knowledge and solid understanding of home construction is palpable and he immediately gains your trust and respect.

Whether you’re building a starter home or your dream vacation home Zane is the type of professional you want to work with, that can lead you through the entire process and make sure that you’re completely happy with the end result.

I highly recommend Zane and trust you’ll be as pleased with his service as I’ve been.

— Mike Schouder

We have never built a new home, so we were a little intimidated by the entire process. However, Zane put our minds at ease by closely monitoring the construction and by constantly communicating with us.  He emailed us every week to give us status updates since we did not yet live in the town the home was being built. This made us feel as though we were on site keeping up with the progress ourselves.

Zane didn't stop there. He would call us or email us whenever there were any decisions to be made or whenever he had recommendations for us. There were even occasions when we were in town when Zane would meet us at the house and point out imperfections and would say, 'if it were my house, I would want this changed.' He would then allow us to make the decision to leave it like the subcontractor completed it or to have it changed free of charge. Zane really took the time to look at every aspect of the house as though it was his house. He wanted everything to be perfect for us.

Zane also listened respectfully to any question or concern, no matter how trivial it may have been. He did hid best to address every concern we had. Just as importantly, he kept a level head the entire time. While we knew he had many other homes under construction, Zane always made time for us such that he made us feel like we were his only customer. Once the home was completed, we went through our final walk through. Zane encouraged us to be as picky as we could be. He even pointed out some things that we didn't notice. Once again, he wanted everything to be perfect.

After we purchased the home, Zane probably thought he could move on to other homes. However, one of the first nights in our new home, we heard a humming noise coming from our gas meter. We were concerned that there may be a gas leak. So at 9:45pm, we reluctantly called Zane. As usual, he answered his phone. He didn't get mad that we called him at such a late hour. He understood our concern. Zane not only called the gas company, he was also back out at our house at 7am the next morning making sure the repair was made and that we were satisfied.

Based on our experience, we would highly recommend Zane Ellis to anyone looking to build a new home. First and foremost, Zane will make sure you get a quality product, but Zane will do much more than that.  He will look at the construction of your home as though it is his personal home. Zane is courteous, sincere, and conscientious, so you can rest assured that he will treat you professionally throughout the entire process. He will also consistently provide you with updates each week. These factors set Zane apart from many other home builders and gave us the peace of mind of knowing that our home was being built exactly how we envisioned it.

— Lee and Suzy Hunter

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